It is an initiative of the community of the Irmãos de La Salle in the City of Beira, Sofala Province, Mozambique, Africa to help combat the vulnerabilities that plague the population.

Its main line of activity is focused on "Informal Education / Alternative Education", that is, providing your literacy efforts, creating basic notions of reading, writing and calculating and, on the other hand, as an integration process that encourages participation in social activities. CEALS has a Library with a collection of more or less books, all acquired through donations from Brazil and Portugal. Faced with the adversities imposed by the innumerable factors, the community of the Brothers of La salle in Beira, through CEALS seeks to meet the needs of the families most affected in the communities. In view of this scenario, the population of Bairro da Chamba recognizes the contribution of the Irmãos de La Salle in the City of Beira, in particular the CEALS Educational Project.