St Lasalle School Karemeno is a catholic school under the ownership and management of the De La Salle Christian Brothers (A Religious Congregation in the Catholic Church). It started in the year 2016 and officially opened and blessed by Archbishop Peter Kairo in 2nd July in the same year. St. Lasalle School Karemeno is a sister school to St Mary’s Boys Secondary Nyeri, Rongai Boys Nakuru and St Paul’s Secondary Marsabit. It is a boys and girls boarding school and is open to all irrespective of religious denomination. St Lasalle teaches the regular subjects for the 8-4-4 KCSE National exams. Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) is compulsory to all students at St Lasalle. Study and Homework are crucial parts of school life. The help and cooperation of parents is sought to ensure that students develop the self-discipline to meet these demands. Students are encouraged to participate fully in a wide variety of sports and activities organised by the School. St. Lasalle is placed within a very serene environment far away from the hustles and bustles of town life. All students applying to join St. Lasalle School Karemeno should expect and be ready to learn some basic agricultural skills in horticultural (green house farming),
livestock keeping (cows, pigs, poultry and rabbits). In short, you eat what you grow and grow what you eat.Each student is also expected to participate in daily community service to keep the school clean. Students who feel they cannot participate in the said programmes should not consider joining St. Lasalle School Karemeno. Students will be allowed to come for private or supervised classes/studies during term holidays. They will however be expected to work for two hours a day in the compound in exchange for this privilege. The school however runs a holiday duty programme where each student will be expected to spend at least a week or two every year in the course of his or her stay at St. Lasalle.

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