La Salle School Homabay, open its doors on 27th of July 2021.  The journey to this climax started when the then, Bishop of Homabay, Phillop Anyolo invited Brothers to take over St. Martha Secondary School in Homabay.  Bishop Anyolo has since been transfered to be the Arch Bishop of Kisumu Arch Diocese, and currently we have a New Bishop called Michael Odiwa.

It took some two years to prepare all the documentation required and necessary paper work before brothers officially landed in Homabay to start the Project of renovating St. Martha’ Secondary School and turn it to La Salle School Homabay.  The School is fully owned by the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Currently the school has admitted 39 students spreading from baby class, Pre-Primary 1 (PP1), Pre-primary 2 (PP2), Grade 1 and Grade 2.  On going admissions are still going on and we hope by the end of this academic year the school will have increased in numbers.

So far the people of Homabay have welcomed the school very well and the New Bishop is very happy with the new development.  The School is located at the heart of Homabay town opposite St. Paul’s Hospital next to the Homabay Cathedral Church.  The greater part of the population the school is serving are from the town of Homabay which is the County Headquarter of Homabay county.  It is one of the  fast developing rural-urban towns a long the shores of Lake Victoria.  Homabay is one of the six counties boardering Lake Victoria to the West of Kenya.

For more Details and contacts Visit https://www.lasalleschoolhomabay.org/