CHILD DISCOVERY CENTRE is a children home for street children, orphans and destitute children. It’s located in Murogi slum, Free-Area sub-location, Lanet location, Nakuru District, Rift Valley province in Kenya.

Mission statement

To give the street children, orphans and destitute children a home and an opportunity to discover and utilize their potentials in order to better their lives and become independent and responsible in the society.


To see that all street children, orphans and destitute children in Nakuru are able to realize their potential in life no matter how poor they are.

Our vision for CDC is to see it prosper and expound to accommodate more needy children. Towards this end, there is a piece of land of 27 acres, which through the generosity of Fr. Giuseppe Ciriani (a Comboni Missionary Priest), we have managed to acquire a small potion of it. The remaining potion requires about Ksh6.3 million. Our dream is to move CDC there.

Our long-term goal is to build in this land a:

    • Centre itself (CDC)
    • School (a primary and a secondary)
    • Health centre
    • Chapel.
    • Water dam
    • Develop self sufficiency projects

The current CDC may serves as an initial rehabilitation centre for children before joining the rest for studies.

We belief that, with the establishment of the above, a child joining CDC will leave there as a fully formed and reliable person, ready to stand on him/herself in the society and contribute enormously to the same society.

Contact Child Discovery Centre

Child Discovery Centre
P.O Box 9566
Lanet 20 112 Nakuru, Kenya
Tel: 254 721 872 171
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Br. Paul Anderson(Project Director)