In 1992 the Eparch of Asmara presented a request to the De La Salle Brothers to build and run a technical school in Hagaz. The request was not accepted at the time because of a shortage of Brothers.

Three years later, however, the Brothers agreed to the request and began to look for donors and supporters to build the school.
In 1997 construction was begun and in 1999, despite the many setbacks due to the war situation in Eritrea, the dream of the Eparch and the Brothers was realized and the school was opened.

Hagaz is located 117 kilometers southwest of Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. It is arid and dusty much of the year. Most of the population of 30,000 live below the poverty level and earn less than one dollar a day. The great majority of people work on the land, farming or grazing. The goals of Hagaz Agro Technical School are to increase agricultural goods and in so doing replace imported goods with local ones, to assist in the reforestation efforts, and to provide courses which will help the local farmers increase their knowledge of improved agricultural methods and thereby increase their production.
A specific objective is to create the first agricultural school in Eritrea offering a five-year program subdivided into two levels, intermediate and advanced. This specific object has already been realized.

Hagaz Agro Technical School strives to achieve the goal of giving a human and Christian education to young Eritreans to make it possible for them to become God fearing, respectful, and loving to their fellow human beings and to the country of Eritrea.


Hagaz Agro Technical School has two major parallel programs: the Intermediate level and the Advanced level. The Intermediate level consists of courses in plant science, soil and water conservation, animal science, and agro mechanics.

The Advanced level consists of courses in horticulture and veterinary science. In addition, the school offers basic and general training to people who come from the area near Hagaz to help them carry out their farm work efficiently and productively.
In order to create a good learning environment for the students to practice what they studied in class, the school has a poultry farm, a cheese factory, and a modern wine factory.

Hagaz Agro Technical School accommodates 312 students, all boarders. 202 of these are male students, 110 female. They come from all parts of Eritrea and represent various religions: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Islam.

The school has a staff of 63 of whom 3 are De La Salle Brothers.

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