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We started our Founders Day Mass with an audio-visual clip on St John Baptiste De La Salle.  Some learners had a photo taken with Priest after the Mass. The staff also celebrated with a special tea in our staff room.  All members of the school community were spoilt by receiving a chocolate doughnut (covered in green sprinkles!).


In response to an invitation by Bishop Hugh Boyle of Johannesburg to establish Catholic schools for the education of the children of the parish of Victory Park, the congregations of  the Holy Cross Sisters and the De La Salle Brothers founded separate schools to cater for girls and boys. The Holy Cross Sisters opened Holy Cross College for girls in 1954 while the De La Salle Brothers opened De La Salle College for boys in 1958.

holy cross senior

The schools were amalgamated in 1986 into a coeducational unit known as De La Salle Holy Cross College.Primary students would attend classes in the building situated to the west of Road 3 behind St. Charles Church. Secondary students would use 2 – 22 Road 3,  the property of the De La Salle Brothers.

The Mission Statement of the school is based on the Gospel values of  courage, justice, reconciliation, community, service, faith, hope, and love.
The following statements are intended to serve as the foundation for everything the College does.

  • To provide a human and Christian education for all learners
  • Encompassing their spiritual and moral formation, academic preparation, and social and cultural development
  • In a non-discriminatory, community-oriented and caring environment which recognizes and respects the dignity and rights of each individual, fosters attitudes of compassion, tolerance, concern for justice, and service to others
  • Cultivates a welcoming, stimulating, and enriching atmosphere of peace, harmony, and trust
  • And encourages a culture of learning conducive to individual and community 


Students write the examinations set by the Independent Examinations
Training Certificate (GETC), although at this stage  no official  school leaving certificates are issued to pupils at the end of grade 9  (National Education Department Policy).

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The grade 9 pupils write CTAs (Common Tasks for Assessment) as set by the IEB. Each grade 9 pupil is required to produce a portfolio of work as laid down by the IEB.

In grades 8 and 9, pupils study the following subjects:  English, Africaans/Zulu, Mathematics, Economic Management Sciences, Technology, Life Sciences. Art, History, Geography, Physical Science, Religious Education, Life Orientation, Computer, and Physical Education. Pupils in grades 10, 11, and 12 are prepared for the IEB National Senior Certificate. Each grade 10, 11, and 12 pupil is required to produce a portfolio of work as laid down by the IEB.

Grade 10 and 11 pupils study the following compulsory subjects:  English, Africaans/Zulu, Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, and Life Orientation. They  also  choose three other subjects from the list below:  Business Studies, Life Sciences, History, Geography, German, Consumer Studies, Physical Science.  In addition they study computer (KNet) and Religious Education.

Grade 12 pupils study the following subjects:
English, Africaans/Zulu, Mathematics, Business Economics, Economics, Geography, German, Science, Biology, Home Economics, History.   English and either Africaans or Zulu are compulsory.  All subjects can be studied  at either Higher Grade or Standard Grade.

Cultural Activities:  Debating, Public Speaking, Drama, Dance, Chess, Pipe Band, Junior City Council, Cheerleading, Choir, Community Service, Lasallian Youth,  Media Centre, Religious:  Altar Servers, Masses, Parish Catechism


Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Soccer

Contact De La Salle Holy Cross College

De La Salle Holy Cross College (Senior School)
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Ms. Debbie Harris(Principal)


Senior school

Brother Joseph Kiely has been involved in founding several schools in the Rustenberg – Phokeng area of South Africa.  In 1995, Tsholifelo Community College was established to serve the educational and training needs of Boitekong squatter settlement.

Bishop Kevin Dowling blessed the site the same year.  Courses offered include carpentry, electricity, sewing, arts and crafts, secretarial, engineering, and computer.

Nearby in Freedom Park squatter camp are three schools. Vukuzenzele Primary School, established in 2000,  consists of  “buildings”  which are actually converted  shipping containers.

Enrollment is currently 700 children in grades 1 to 6.  On the same site is Sizamani Adult Centre which offers reading education in the evenings. Freedom Park Creche, for children aged 3 to 6,  currently takes care of 150 youngsters.
In 1998, Kopanang Centre for People with Disabilities was established as a branch of  a “low cost housing” display building by a company called “micro-housing.”

Presently there are 40 attending on a regular basis: 20 children in the crèche section and 20 adults learning various skills such as sewing, baking, flower arrangement, and bead work.

The most recently established school is Masizakhe Adult Centre.  It opened in April 2007 to serve the needs of the Nkaneng squatter camp
A tin shack, 6m by 6m, loaned by the Methodist Church, is the only classroom at present.  Plans, however, are in place to have refurbished shipping containers in use soon.  The 30 students currently enrolled take classes in basic reading, writing, and numeracy.The facilitators are undergoing computer training.

Groups of  religion (RE)  teachers are invited to enhance their theological knowledge and classroom skills by enrolling in a part-time program called “Echoing the Word.”   It runs for 10 x 5-hour sessions held on Saturday mornings once a month. Up to now 104 people have graduated from the program.  In the year 2007,  48 participated in two centres.

In January 1958, Brother Alpheus was welcomed to Victory Park where he was faced with the task of establishing a new boys’ school. During that first year the Holy  Cross Sisters, whose school had opened in 1954, lent a classroom for a Standard 4 class of 24 boys.

Grades 1 and 2 boys shared classes with the girls at the Convent School.

Meanwhile building moved on apace and the sloping ground destined for sports fields was leveled with the help of the Municipal Cleansing Department who dumped garbage there.  De La Salle College, Victory Park, was officially opened by Bishop Hugh Boyle on October 31, 1959. 
Over the years, the school has gone from strength to strength:  further buildings were added, including a classroom  block and later a school hall. Trees were planted to stop erosion on the banks of the new fields.

holy cross junior

De La Salle College and Holy Cross Convent, standing on each side of St. Charles Church, the newly built church of  Victory Park, always worked closely together and it was perhaps a natural step that on January 1, 1986, the two should reopen as the coeducational De La Salle Holy Cross College.

Mission Statement

“As a school community with Christ as its centre we, staff, Board, and Church, humbly and wholeheartedly embrace the mission of providing a holistic education for the pupils entrusted to us.

This is done in the belief that through this commitment, they too will accept the need to share the responsibility we have to the world.

“We undertake to nurture their spiritual, intellectual, social, and

emotional needs in a positive, vibrant and caring, yet challenging environment. In the process we will embrace the best innovative and tested learning experiences to enhance their education and development, to ensure ongoing relevance to the society in which we live.

“We shall always endeavour, through example and invitation, to promote independent thinking while living out our values which are consistent with the Gospel and our school motto.

holy cross junior2
“Each child will be encouraged to be the best person he or she can be and to develop a
 commitment of service to others.  We shall always strive to ensure that the rights of all are held sacred.


In keeping with the spirit of the Mission Statement and the traditions of the Lasallian and Holy Cross Education Communities, De La Salle Holy Cross College endeavours  to uphold standards of behavior by parents, teachers, and pupils which are acceptable to the majority.  Its success in this regard depends largely on its insistence on implementation of sound disciplinary policies, flexible enough to be adaptable to changing times.

The principal, vice principals, and members of staff are all responsible for fostering good behavior and for encouraging disciplined conduct on the part of all concerned with the school. They all share the responsibility of ensuring that pupils in particular conduct themselves in any school situation according to accepted norms of courteous and correct behavior.


De La Salle Holy Cross Junior School has three classes per grade from

Grade R to Grade 7.  A full academic program is offered in the following subjects:

Mathematics, Religion, English, Life Orientation, Afrikaans, Computers& Technology, Zulu Art, Social Science, Music, Natural Science

The Junior School has a full-time occupational therapist on the staff who assesses and follows up with children when needed.There is also a part-time speech therapist on the staff who works closely with the other staff members and consults where necessary. In addition, the school offers a full extraordinary program of learner support and scholastic enrichment for all children who would benefit from these programs.

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The school offers a full extracurricular program, both cultural and sporting, that includes:

Choir                           Softball                                                      Tennis
Chess                          Soccer                                                        Athletics 
Debating                      Netball                                                       Cricket
Drama                         Hockey   (both boys and girls)                      Cross Country
Rugby                         Swimming

Contact De La Salle Holy Cross college

De La Salle Holy yCross College
(Junior School)
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Victory Park 2195, South Africa
Tel: 27 (11) 782 5217
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Ms. Debbie Harris(Principal)

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