Brothers of Christian Schools
The Lwanga District of Africa

Meki Catholic Mission School, with grades 1 to 12, is owned by the Vicariate of Meki Catholic Church and administered by the Brothers of the Christian Schools.  It is located in the town of Meki, some 135 kilometers  southeast of Addis Ababa.

The town, populated by 46,000 people, is arid and dusty much of the year. Most of the people less than the equivalent of a dollar a day. A very large proportion work on the land, farming and grazing.

Meki Catholic School is the only senior high school within a radius of 30 kilometers, an area with 200,000 people. The teaching staff includes three De La Salle Brothers, two Sisters, and 64 lay persons.

Students number 1500 of whom 60% are boys. The average class size is 60.
The low tuition of the equivalent of $1.25 to $2.50 per month covers a mere 14% of  the school’s expenses.The Vicariate of Meki’s generous subsidy of  $93,000 a year pays the salaries of the lay teachers and covers the upkeep of the buildings.The government provides no financial assistance.

Over the past five years, 95% of the students have passed the national exam and entered the government university.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Meki Catholic School is to give a human and Christian education to less fortunate Ethiopians  to enable them to become God fearing, respectful, and loving to all humanity and to their country.

It strives to assist them to be competent and successful in life and to be responsible and peace loving citizens.

It aims, by creating academic communities of persons seeking educational excellence based on Christian values integrated with the formation of the holistic self, to prepare the young adolescent to work for a bright future and to live an active life in the society that stands for the common good.


Subjects offered in the primary school include English writing, rcading, and grammar;  mathematics, Amharic, and Oromo languages, ethics, civics, history, art, science, and physical education.  In the secondary school, the above courses are offered and also students choose from chemistry, physics, biology, and geography.

Social science students in grades 11 and 12 also take business and economics while natural science students take technical drawing. Both natural and social science students take basic computer classes. Any HIV-AIDS education is also provided.

Contact Meki Catholic Mission

Meki catholic Mission
Meki 10, P.O Box 43
Meki, Ethiopia
Tel School 251 (22) 11.80.098/10
Br. Belayneh Medhanit(Headmaster)