St. Joseph’s School – Keren

On October 19,1949, while Eritrea was still under the British Administration and before federated with Ethiopia, the ground breaking for the construction of St. Joseph’s school took place. A member of De La Salle Brothers from the Province of Rome, Brother Adriano Clemente, was the dreamer and founder of St. Joseph’s school Keren.

A year later, in April 1950, the first class for boys began with 150 students. The instruction was the responsibility of two Brothers and two lay teachers. In the Academic year 1960/61 the level of classes was increased to Grade 5 & 6 and advanced up to Grade 8 in 1962/63. After independence, and in the academic year 1993/94, St. Joseph commenced the high school level.

Recognizing the need for strong, principled, and visionary African leadership, the former Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hon. Meles Zenawi, in 1997 asked Pope St. John Paul II to establish a Catholic University in Ethiopia to address the acute needs throughout Ethiopia, with a particular focus on health and medical services.

Photo of the Council Members of the Lwanga District; Brothers Edgar Nicodem, the Visitor of Braziel -Chile District;  Lino Matias, Coordinator of the Sector of Mozambique; Brother Directors of the two formation houses in Nairobi (Scholasticate and Novicate) and a French Brother who came to study English language have come together for luncheon in the Provincialate house.

Brother Edgar and Br Lino Matias came to meet the District Council Members and explain the process they have made to materialize the desire and the continuous commitment they have to amalgamate the Sector of Mozambique to the Charles Lewanga District of Africa in the near future. The two Visitors meeting has launched a start to dialogue and come up with a practical way forward plan for the integration process.

I went to South Africa for the funeral service of our beloved Brother Thomas Sheehy and after the funeral, I got time to visit our two schools; arguably some of the best ran schools in South Africa (De La Salle Holy Cross College and La Salle College). I was overwhelmed with different activities going on in the schools; cleanses and tidiness of the schools and students, the well-coordinated school management system, not to mention the dedicated staff with the fragrance of good working spirit which existed in the schools.