During the relocation of the Institute from Cathedral Campus to the newly established Campus at the Lebu area in May 2018, the De La Salle School of Christian Brothers who are known for a three hundred year tradition of academic excellence and personal formation took the leading and administration role where Br. Augustine Nicoletti (Ph.D., FSC) has served as the first founding president of the Institution. Upon completion of Br. Augustine’s assignment in the institution, His Reverence Br. Carlos Gabriel Gómez-Restrepo is appointed to be the second President of the Institution.

Br. Carlos, who was born in June 1960 in Bucaramanga, Colombia, has served in various educational institutions from high schools to universities. In addition to his 15 years of experience as a President at the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) which comprises of 65 Universities worldwide, he has been serving as a Professor and a Researcher in various academic institutes in addition to working as a President for 8 years at Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia. He has published various academic publications and received numerous awards for his outstanding contributions. During the installation, Br. Carlos has indicated that the objective of Lasallian education is to offer equal opportunity and exercise leadership through service working towards the common good and peace-promoting societies so that Ethiopian Catholic Higher Learning Intuition is committed to implementing here and now its mission and contribute to the benefit of the country, Ethiopia and Africa as well. He also stressed the values and principles on which the Institution will be working and lead by as such RESPONSIBILITY, TRANSPARENCY, PLANIFICATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, AUSTERITY, CREATIVITY, and HOPE.
It was also recalled, during the ceremony, the contribution of Br. Belayneh Medhanit that he has served as Academic Vice President and Provost before he moved to Bethlehem University, in Israel. The feast and the installation were concluded by the prayer and blessings of His Excellency Abune Muse Gebregiorgis, Bishop of the Eparchy of Emdiber