Brothers of Christian Schools
The Lwanga District of Africa

Mr. Otieno from Provincialate communication office, Nairobi, visited part of Ethiopian sector on 9th and 10th of November 2018. Mr. Otieno was able to visit St. Joseph Addis Ababa, just in time for the handover of keys by the contractor of the new St. Joseph building on the senior’s side of school. The new building which include new Information Technology Lab will be able to take off the pressure from the old building and allow St. Joseph to admit more students.





On Saturday, 10th, Isaiah was driven by Brother Kassu to St. John Baptist De La Salle School, Asco, who was kind enough to show Mr. Otieno around the school. It’s amazing how the school has grown under the able steward ship of brother Kassu. Opening its doors in 2010, the school currently have over 2000 students with the only stumbling being land to build more classes to accommodate the ever growing demand of students wanting to join the school.




Mr. Otieno later that day managed to visit the De La Salle Catholic University. Located on the out skirts of Addis Ababa, the Catholic university is one of the best planned universities, with a remarkable potential to grow given the area of land earmarked for the university. Students were to report at the university on 12th November, with the school having admitted 80 medical students to start with.


At the community house (GMC), Mr. Otieno stayed Brother Peter, Brother Daniel, and Brother Emmanuel who was very helpful in driving Mr. Otieno around Addis Ababa and Sisters from Vietnam. Margrate from the United States, who is teaching at St. John, Asco was also staying at the community house. Thank you Brothers for hosting me.