Brothers of Christian Schools
The Lwanga District of Africa

I went to South Africa for the funeral service of our beloved Brother Thomas Sheehy and after the funeral, I got time to visit our two schools; arguably some of the best ran schools in South Africa (De La Salle Holy Cross College and La Salle College). I was overwhelmed with different activities going on in the schools; cleanses and tidiness of the schools and students, the well-coordinated school management system, not to mention the dedicated staff with the fragrance of good working spirit which existed in the schools.



In all these activities, I was particularly drawn by Br Alebert O’Driscoll morning routine. He stood by the gate of De La Salle Holy Cross College to welcome each student to the school every single day. He called every student by name as he said hello.  I asked him why he was doing this and he replied saying that, “who knows these students may not have someone to give them a smile, shake their hands, call them by name and wish them a good day.” It may not be hard to imagine how the daily good acts and gestures we do create positive impact on the life of our students. Long life to Br Alebert!


Brother Betre