“Rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”
2 Corinthians 13:11
Hope is on the horizon. In some corners of the world, the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight as borders are beginning to open and restrictions are gradually being lifted. However, return to normal life across the globe remains uneven.

In the past year and a half, inequality manifested itself in various forms, across different contexts: unequal access to medical care, hunger, inaccessibility of education, and racial injustice, to name a few. COVID-19 has threatened peace at different levels in our personal and collective lives — ranging from politics, healthcare and economics. But all these changes sparked numerous conversations and movements, with young people at the forefront, paving the way for transformative social action.
Young Lasallians are invited to reflect on our current realities and to proactively respond to society’s ills. It is imperative for us to work together, leaving no one behind, in our pursuit of a better new normal.

The time we have spent in isolation has become a learning experience about how we can share our resources and take concrete steps, regardless of race, distance, or creed. As we begin opening our borders, let us continue transcending the limits of time and space to build a better future: free from violence, hunger, and injustice.
We rise together for peace!

The feast of John the Baptist De Lassalle, who has been a patron of the School of Christian Brothers along with the Presidential Installation was celebrated on May 21, 2021, at the Institution’s Lebu Main Campus. The feast commenced with a Holy Mass led by His Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus, Metropolitan Catholic Archbishop.
In the feast and installation ceremony, H.G. Archbishop Antoine Camilleri, Ambassador of the Holy See to Ethiopia, His Excellency Abune Muse Gebregiorgis, Bishop of the Eparchy of Emdibir, His Reverence Abba Teshome Fikre (Ph. D) The Secretary-General of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia and the Chairman of the Board of trustee of the Ethiopian Catholic Higher Institute, His Reverence Br. Gebreyesus, the Superior of Lwanga District, His Reverence Br. Getachew, the Coordinator of the Ethiopian Lasallian Brothers, the staff and students’ representative of the Institute attended the event.

“The Novitiate is the unique experience of initiation into the religious life of the Brothers,” as written in the Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The ceremony of the Beginning of the Novitiate and Habit Taking (6th February, 2021.) started with the Mass at exactly 11:00am with the Chief celebrant Rev. Fr. Henry I. Ugese CSSR.  The Novitiate Director, Br. Anthony Githahi welcomed all those present in his opening speech during the Mass.

“This is a journey, a journey to see, to listen and to touch”, said Rev. Fr. Henry in his reflection. He further stressed on the importance of the Star. The Star of faith which makes the Lasallian family unique, as we follow the star who is Christ the teacher which is our mission.

Brother Visitor, shared his experience to the Novices. While speaking during the Eucharistic celebration, He thanked God for keeping all of us safe from the Corona Virus and he thanked the Formators for their good work. He encouraged the Novices on the authenticity of this journey, that the desire should be a conviction rather than mere feelings. This he said, at ‘De La Salle International Novitiate in Nairobi’ marking the start of the canonical year for the eleven first year novices, namely: Andre Julio, Auxilio Alfredo, Benefica Jorge, Tomas Alexandre, and Eurelio Segura, from Mozambique, Polite Ncube from Zimbabwe, Jude Oguname and Samuel Akadu from Nigeria, Justus Matata, Ronald Malala, and Zacchaeus Nderitu from Kenya. The habit taking of the ten second year novices. The ten second year novices namely: Abraham Woldemariam, Ademe Alemayehu, Dawit Yadesa, Admasu Yohannes, Eyob Gebriel, Gosse Hirpo from Ethopia, Carolino Azevedo, Januario Felizardo, Mossito Molipiha from Mozambique and  Emmanuel Agba from Nigeria.


The school community of Mount La Salle College, Naka dedicated two days to honour St John Baptist De La Salle and St Joseph. On the 14th May 2021, the school held a grand finale of sports activities that ended with a novelty football match between teachers and students of the school. After the sports activities, a Holy Mass was celebrated in honour of St John Baptist De La Salle and St Joseph, the patron of our Institute. The Mass was followed by a banquet which was used to appreciate the teachers of Mount La Salle, Naka and La Salle Primary school for their hard work and commitment to disseminating the values of our institute through the education of young people.

The Catholic tradition from time immemorial has promoted and supported the establishment of Religious Congregation who “follow Christ more closely as He prays, announces the Kingdom of God, performs good works for people, shares His life with them in the world, and yet always does the will of the Father.” (Can. 577).  Many members of these Religious Communities wear habits as an outward sign of their consecration to God and their belonging to a particular Religious Institute in the Church. The Canon Law makes it explicitly clear that “Religious are to wear the habit of the Institute made according to the norm of proper law as a sign of their consecration and as a testimony of poverty.” (Can. 669, ⸹1).

Though wearing of religious habit is a physical sign, and as the saying goes, “Habit does not make a Monk”, yet its importance and significant cannot be over-looked. Habits have developed over the centuries, but have always been used as an outward sign of a religious’ consecration to God, a sign of being set apart, and a sign of the vow of poverty.