We are a group of former Eritrean La Sallians who want to keep in touch with each other and with our beloved Eritrean De La Salle Christian Brothers. We are spread out all over the world.

Ever since we left our country, due to the La Sallian spirit, a feeling of camaraderie started to grow among us in a unique way. The feeling was always action oriented; that is, whether we were few or many, we always wanted to help our De La Salle Christian Brothers in Eritrea. Sometime in 2013, following several meetings with former Eritrean La Sallians from Canada, Europe and the USA, an organization, La Salle St. Joseph School Association (LSJSA), was born. It is important to note that the name was adopted after considerable discussion. La Salle reminds us the name of the founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle. La Salle also reminds as Collegio La Salle; the Brothers’ school in Asmara, Eritrea. This school was later re-named Denden High School after the government nationalized it. St. Joseph School reminds us of the Brothers’ school in Keren. By coining the name La Salle Saint Joseph School Association, the members wanted to link and trace future school and related educational expansions by the Brothers to these two schools. The name also reminds LSJSA members the schools they attended or worked at.

To ensure proper functioning and to provide stability and continuity, the association drafted, discussed, reviewed and approved its bylaws. The bylaws were drafted by Dr. Ghiorghis Ghenbot in consultation with many members of the Association and approved by the LSJSA International Leadership Team, Mr. Amanuel Yosief (USA), Mr. Dawit Amar (Canada), and Mr. Mussie Ghirmay (United Kingdom and Europe) on Sunday, 29 September, 2013.

The primary purpose of the association is to enable its members to keep in touch with each other and to help members of the association to channel resources, however meager they may be, in a unified way towards assisting the Brothers back in Eritrea to accomplish their mission.

The La Sallian St. Joseph School Association was launched officially in Frankfurt Germany on 16
June 2013 during the visit of Bro. Ghebretensae Ghebrekrisots

Important Documents

La Sallian St. Joseph School Association Bylaws

LSJSA Report

LSJSA Annual Retreat 03 Feb2024