Brothers of Christian Schools
The Lwanga District of Africa

To give a human and Christian education to the young, especially in schools, with service to the poor as a priority, in order to evangelize and catechize, to promote peace and justice, accomplished together as a "shared mission."

The Mission Statement of the Lwanga District of Africa

As a District, we are called to bring the Gospel to the Educational World together and by Association with our Lasallian colleagues. To this end, we commit ourselves to serve the needs of the people with preferential option for the poor and the marginalized. This Mission is characterized by respect for cultural diversity and promotion of Christian values and family life.


Our Mission in the World Today

Our mission today is truly a shared mission. It is a mission exercised by Brothers, lay men and women, priests, and members of other religious institutes.
We are members of what we call the "Lasallian Family": a communion of persons charged by God with the mission of human and Christian education in the world We are Lasallians without frontiers: committed to helping young people in eighty-four countries develop themselves fully as human persons and to live as brothers and sisters.

We are dedicated to the construction of a world where all can live in peace and justice.

John Baptist de La Salle said that the purpose of the Institute is to give a Christian education to the young and that for this purpose his teachers kept schools.
Our schools are, therefore, instruments to help us accomplish the purpose of the Institute.The Lasallian school is not just any school. It is a school with certain characteristics.